Molteni&C|Dada for Theodora Onlus Foundation

Following the success of the Flight D.154.5 installation presented at the Supersalone and curated by Ron Gilad, the Molteni Group is proud to announce that the Round D.154.5 seats, produced and numbered exclusively for the occasion like those on an aeroplane, will be offered for sale to customers and half of the proceeds will be donated to Theodora Onlus Foundation.

The concept of the installation invites you to go on a journey to imagine, dream and reflect. The installation promotes a message of hope leading us to reconnect and interact for new experiences together again. With the mark of restarting.

It is with this message of hope that the Molteni Group wishes to support the Theodora Onlus Foundation’s mission, which has been guaranteeing visits from its Doctor of Dreams since 1995 to children facing the ordeal of a long and difficult hospital stay.